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Anushka Sharma

Spirited & Steadfast

Anushka Sharma can best be described as an adorable star who has a disarming smile and non-starry vibe - one that gives you the feeling that she’s an ordinary girl

The Golden Benefits Of SAFFRON

The Golden Benefits Of SAFFRON

Originally cultivated in Southern Europe, saffron or kesar, is now enjoyed and available the world over.

Beauty Treatments Are For Men Too

Beauty Treatments Are For Men Too!

Men are now seeking advice from experts on basic grooming routines and are also seeking solutions for issues related to acne, skin pigmentation, ageing and hair fall, to name a few

Why You Should Go Natural

Why You Should Go Natural!

Amongst many others, some of the biggest drawbacks of food preservatives are dreadful diseases like cancer, trouble in the immune system and hyperactive disorder


Makeup Products That Can Make You Fall Ill

It is best to store lipsticks in a refrigerator, as it slows down the process of the b...


The Basic Rules Of Weight Loss

How much weight you lose, primarily depends on three factors: your calorie intake, the...


Super Homemade Hair Packs For Your Crowning Glory

Banana and honey are both natural moisturizers that hydrate your hair


Could This Cream Give You The Perfect Look

Eliminating the need to buy various different creams and lotions, BB cream is a great ...