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Diet & Nutrition
The Blood Type Diet Explained
Jul 2017
Dr Panchali Moitra
Nutrition Expert, Weight Management Consultant, Kolkata

Created by Naturopath, Peter D ‘Adamo the Blood Type Diet is based on the premise that our blood type holds the key to our evolutionary heritage and consuming a diet that is compatible to one’s blood type (type A, B, AB or O) will help one, to not only lead a healthier life, but also to keep extra pounds away, reduce the risk of heart diseases and manage stress well. However, the medical and nutrition fraternity, shuns the theory and the health claims as complete nonsense.

Nevertheless, the Blood Type Diet is among the very few ‘fad’ diets that seem to have stood its ground for decades and though the notion that the type of blood that flows through your body, dictates the type of foods that you must consume may sound a bit wacky - its zealous followers vouch for this diet’s exceptional health benefits.

The Science Behind The Theory
Our body produces antibodies in response to a particular antigen (or foreign particle) and these specific antibodies then bind to the antigens and inactivate them. This is the way our immune system works and helps us to fight allergens and infections. Now, each blood group possesses a unique antigen marker that triggers the production of specific antibodies. For example, blood group type A would recognize type B antigen to be a foreign substance and this would result in a series of complex chemical reactions so that the antigen is thrown out of the system.