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3 Ways To Improve Your Balance
Jul 2017
Apollo Life Jiyo

Finding Balance
Our sense of balance is not something that we normally think of as compromised. Sure, we all suffer the occasional clumsy fall, but we don’t make much of it. It is the most basic of all survival skills, one that allowed us humans to take a giant evolutionary leap.

The truth is, after we hit the age of 30, the muscles we require for our sense of balance weaken. The length of our stride shortens, the pace of our steps slows down significantly and our vision, which is crucial to our balance, deteriorates.

Besides the fact that losing our balance could result in serious problems as we grow older (those clumsy falls become far more dangerous as we grow older) it can also hamper our mobility and result in us being more susceptible to injury. However, there are a few steps you could follow to ensure that you retain a perfect sense of balance as you grow older!