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Anti Ageing Treatments To Look Forever Young
Jul 2017
Dr Rohit Batra
Dermatologist, Dermaworld Skin And Hair Clinic, New Delhi

Youth has no age! No matter how hard everyone tries to believe this statement, the truth is that your skin exhibits the signs of ageing at the time when you least expect it!

Despite this fact, immense growth and development in medical technologies and treatments have provided hope to many to get rid of early ageing and to retain the youthfulness of their skin. Hence, here’s a list of some advanced skin rejuvenation treatments that can be used from head to toe and which help you freeze your youth, besides helping you achieve happy and healthy skin!

Age Defying Treatments

Hair Fall Treatment
As you age, hair fall, bald patches and low volume hair are the first signs that begin to show. Hair fall treatments like Mesotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are some common treatments that can work wonders on your hair.

Not only are these treatments fast, painless, and long-lasting, but they ensure fuller, thicker, stronger hair, without any side effects. The cutting-edge technology in the medical management of hair fall has made it possible to restore vascularity of the scalp, while rejuvenating the hair roots.