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Dealing With Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes
Jun 2017
Dr Vandana Punjabi
Consultant Dermatologist, Mumbai

Dark circles are a combination of various components like pigmentation (darkening), wrinkling, anatomical variations like deep set eyes or tear troughs (the depressions under the eyes) which together contribute to a darkened appearance.

There is no instant solution but dark circles can be controlled by the application of various substances or with a combination of techniques like eye peels, skin tightening and hyaluronic fillers applied for correcting the tear troughs.

Causes Of Dark Circles
Dark circles can be a major skin problem for many people and especially for women. Most women try to hide these circles by using various types of eye creams, but which may not be good for the eyes. Also, these creams are likely to spoil your overall look. Irregular and improper sleep may cause dark circles and stress in life may impact your skin too, causing breakouts and other conditions.

Eyelid Surgery
Incisions done in the creases of hidden areas help in the correction of drooping upper eyelids by removing excess fat, skin and muscle. Puffy bags below the eyes are rectified either by a removal or repositioning of the bulging herniated fat in a lower lid blepharoplasty.

Pamper yourself with timely facials, use skin specific moisturisers, stick to superfoods and water and also get adequate sleep to avoid puffy eyes.

Home Remedies
There are some effective home remedies that can be applied to your eyes, like applying cool tea bags on the eyes and waiting for 15 minutes. Cucumber juice and potato juice are also effective and applying this juice on your face nourishes it too with the abundance of antioxidants like ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and silica. It also rejuvenates the skin in a quick and easy manner.