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Fashion Tips To Make You Monsoon Ready
Jul 2017

During the rainy season, it could be quite challenging to figure out what to wear each day. So, here’s a few tips to help you enjoy the rains in style!

Avoid Fabrics That Can Stick To The Skin
Silk blended fabrics, denims, gabardine, chiffon, nylon, or blended cotton are a few of the most practical fabrics you can choose from, as these fabrics resist mud stains, don’t shrink due to the rain and also dry quickly. Don’t wear fabrics that can stick to the skin the moment you get drenched, as it will give you a chill and a cold.

Go For Bright Colours
Opt for brighter versions of colours like blue, burgundy, olive green or orange for the choice of a top, but go with the deeper, darker version of these colours for the bottom. Avoid white as even the slightest droplet of mud will be visible even from a distance.

Throw On A Coat Or Jacket
As long as you wear a trench coat or a jacket, you can opt for any top that you find flattering.

Keep It Short
Choose between medium length skirts, three quarters pants, knee length trousers or shorts.

Rubber Boots Are A Must!
Tall rubber boots are a must, because they’re good water resistant footwear, as well as have a good grip making them slip resistant too. You can integrate these types of footwear in your outfit without cramping your style by going with animal prints, or bright coloured ones. However, if you’re sporting a business outfit, choose a pair of patent leather boots in neutral colours.