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Gain Control Strength And Endurance With Pilates
Jun 2017
Dr Vinay Aindala
Apollo LifeStudio, Hyderabad

Pilates is a form of exercise which creates perfect harmony between the mind and the body. The six important principles aimed at improving strength and endurance of the core muscles is centring, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow.

The most neglected aspect of fitness training is to address how an action is performed. There are many challenging functional activities throughout the day and to perform an activity, you need to have complete control over the movement. Pilates’ exercises are performed with complete control over the muscles and one of the important principles of Pilates is contrology, which means muscle control.

In Pilates, exercises are performed in various challenging positions. There are sequences of movement needed to be performed from one position to the other. While performing exercise variations, the position of each body part is in relation with the others, thus aimed at developing control over the movement. Control over the position, muscles and movement enables an individual to perform exercises in a better way.

Muscle strength is the amount of force a muscle can exert and muscle strength plays a major role in preventing musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries.

In Pilates, exercises mainly focus on the core. All the exercises are designed to strengthen core musculature namely transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, gluteus medius, multifidus, serratus anterior, trunk, shoulder girdle and pelvis, along with the deep core muscles which act as stabilisers to perform each form of exercise variation. Energy is generated from the core muscles and is transferred to the extremities.