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Go Bold With Recycled Adornments
Jun 2017
Sonam Gupta
Co-Founder And Jewellery Designer, Zurie Design Studio

Many a times, expensive jewellery may fail to touch hearts, but an economical bauble may appeal much more. Thus, it is not the price that defines the value of jewellery, but the intricate charm that makes it precious.

Hence, jewellery designers all across the world are making waves with unconventional, yet highly impactful recycled jewellery by creating beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, armlets, pendants and many other jewellery pieces, not just from old or damaged jewellery, but also from things that one often overlooks.

The Appeal Of Bizarre Embellishments
Making necklaces from old brooches and camouflaging greeting cards, paper-towel tubes, ribbons, feathers and buttons to create a glitzy bracelet is one of the trendiest things in the fashion world today. Furthermore, young girls of today feel comfortable and confident in surreal adornments and are quite fond of flaunting spoon pendants and earrings made from copper or iron keys.

It may be hard to imagine a t-shirt being rolled to make a statement garland, but the millennial fashion freaks have enough guts to make bold impressions in every social gathering using their ultimate Fashion Quotient (FQ). Hence, sometimes even a small step to creativity makes a big leap of success in the world of fashion.