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Heres How You Can Reach Your Fitness Goals
Jun 2017
Swapneel Hazare
Senior Fitness Consultant, Prosport Fitness Centre

While setting fitness goals for yourself, you must make sure they are attainable. When you set out to achieve your fitness goals, first set a plan for yourself. The plan /goal can be split in to two parts - long-term plan and a short-term plan. The long-term plan defines your final goal and various short-term plans will then have to be put in place to achieve your long-term plan. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Your Goal Needs To Be Specific
Each short-term goal you achieve will help you get one step closer to your long-term goal. For example, if this is your long-term plan: ‘I want to lose 12 kilos in six months.’ Your short-term goals to achieve this plan will be to build good base strength in the first one month and to lose two kilos in the next two months and so on and so forth.

It’s Important To Have A Definite Goal
Having a plan but not knowing why you have it in the first place, will only get you working out aimlessly and blindly following rules that others make up for you. So, get to know the reason for your goals. What do you want to achieve and why? For example, a well-defined goal will be, ‘I want to lose 12 kilos in six months to look fit for my wedding’ or ‘I want to increase my stamina in three months to participate in an upcoming marathon.’ Well-defined goals are clear and increase your determination to achieve them.

Make A Realistic Time Bound Programme
Not being able to sustain your short-term training plan will only dishearten you, making you waver from your long-term plan. If your short-term goals are achievable, they will motivate you to achieve your final goal and get you there sooner.