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How The Colour Of Your Clothes Affects You
Jun 2017
Virginia Tica
Professional Tennis Player, Travel Enthusiast

Deciding to get up and get dressed when your mood is down, may seem like a difficult task but as studies show, your mood will immediately improve, if you do so, giving you a confidence boost, making you feel stronger, more capable and more in control of the situation. Clothes not only affect your confidence level, but also increases your professional success, as your outfit influences the way others perceive you and respond to you. Of course, keep it in mind that this does not mean you should wear clothes you are not comfortable in, as doing so will only make you self-aware and less comfortable. Here are a few examples of how colours can have an influence on you.

The Different Colours And What They Indicate

White is ostentatious, making the person who wears it, very conscientious at all times of his/her behaviour. If you’re sure you can be at the top of your game while wearing an all-white ensemble, then you’re definitely in for making a great appearance, as white will make you and your companion too feel more peaceful and predisposed to an overall kindness, regardless of the situation.

This colour will help you to stand out and make you feel daring, sensual and passionate. It is also alluring, as it had been proven to spike up blood pressure, which is why it’s always a good choice for a romantic date night.'

Blue is the antipode of red, thus it reduces blood pressure making it the ideal colour to wear for interviews or first dates, since it help one to be more relaxed. In a Career Building Survey, the hiring managers have said that the interviewees that were wearing blue have been described as relaxed, loyal, confident and in control of the situation and also displayed the ability to be a team player.