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Make Up With Skin Care Benefits
Aug 2017
Shahnaz Husain
CEO Of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. And Renowned Beauty Expert

Make-up helps women look their best, covers up flaws and highlights plus points. Thus, many women don’t even dream of facing the world without make-up. But it would certainly help, if the amount of chemicals that may be present in make-up is made known. In fact, there have been many cases of allergic reactions to make-up. And according to doctors, the worst offenders may be eye make-up.

According to consultant dermatologist, Esward Seaton at the Royal Free Hospital London, the skin on the eyelids is very thin and not very well protected. So, it is quite common for women to develop a reaction to eye make-up, which is mostly caused by the preservatives in eye shadow or by fragrances.

The Safer Alternative
Considering all the negative aspects of cosmetics, we do have a strong case in favour of herbal make-up that is not only safer, but has many skin benefits as well. Today, Ayurvedic beauty care, containing natural ingredients, has become popular, worldwide. Also, cosmetics containing plant extracts and oils are widely available and people have become much more aware of the ingredients in these products.