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Spotlight On The Pursuit Of Beauty By Men
Jun 2017
Dr Karuna Malhotra
Cosmetologist And Homeopathy Physician

The Desire To Look Good!
A growing consciousness among men with regard to their looks has been the trend in recent years and nowadays, men take care of their appearance by paying attention to physical aspects and by adopting new fashion trends.

They are also keen about skin care and other aspects of beauty, so as to be able to stand out. Furthermore, the young male generation is inspired by Bollywood celebrities to look their best in their day-to-day appearances.

Focus On Skin Care And Fitness Routines
Since the last few years, men have been taking an interest in their skin and fitness routines. So, currently it is not only the women, but men too are very sensitive about their skin care routine. Biologically, the skin of men and women are very different and a man’s skin is thicker compared to a woman’s, as it contains some connective tissues like elastin and collagen. Thus, it is more firm and resilient.

Since there is a focus on personal appearance, many men now prefer to go to great lengths to maintain a youthful look. So, right from luring a girlfriend, to look young for their son’s wedding, to corporate lobby parties - Medical Beauty is readily in use everywhere!