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Fitness & Beauty
Stay Beautiful With Aesthetic Treatments
Jul 2017
Dr Amit Luthra
Dermatologist, Delhi

Women beyond the age of 40 find it hard to lose weight and they often make no effort to lose weight. So luckily, the problem of obesity can be tackled with some effective treatments. Hence, currently people are opting for multiple invasive treatments as well as non-invasive treatments to shed their excess weight, as the advancement of technology and availability of experts have added value and credibility to these treatment options.

Aesthetic Options
Aesthetic medicine is the new mantra doing the rounds, amongst urban men and women, because they have realised that some help and good medicine from a dermatologist goes a long way in helping them look their age, or better still - younger! It is the fastest method and an efficient way to correct skin laxity, remove excess fat and fine lines from various parts of the body.

Till now, we had devices which have a direct contact between the patient and the device, but off late, technology has been introduced that does not maintain any direct contact between the patient and the device, because aesthetic medicine has come of age in the last two years and the introduction of newer technologies has given doctors and patients better options to choose from.