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Surprising Benefits From the 6 Variations Of Surya Namaskar
Jun 2017
Apollo Life Jiyo

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is one of the most basic yet profoundly effective practices in spiritual well-being. This twelve-step routine aids in digestion, warms the body up and as an added benefit, burns away that unhealthy body fat you’ve always felt guilty about. It has been further enhanced and modified by different yoga practices for other benefits. So, choose your variation to lead a healthy life.

Surya Namaskar

The Tension Reliever
The simplest form where the usual Equestrian pose and the Plank pose are replaced by a single modified pose of Uttanasana or Standing Head To Knees pose with an added head raise. This encourages the release of built-up tension in your spine and neck.

A Mother-To-Be’s Favourite
A seventeen-step advanced variation is notable for the inclusion of the Veerabhadrasana or Warrior Pose. It follows the Surya Namaskar up until pose six. It stretches your hips, groins, chest and shoulders. It is particularly rewarding for pregnant women, as it also builds up stamina and relaxes tired limbs

Ashtanga Yoga
You Name It We Got It

The third variation has a rather rigorous regime for people looking to push their physical limits in their spiritual journey. Various advanced poses such as the Warrior Pose 2, Extended Side Angle, Extended Triangle Pose, Half Moon, Revolved Half-Moon, Revolved Triangle and Revolved Side Angle.

This strengthens ankles, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and the lower back. It also stretches the hips, hamstring and spine besides being a therapeutic for stress, anxiety, infertility and symptoms of menopause. Additionally, it helps with breathing and improves balance.