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Try Adopting These Fashion Goals
Jun 2017
Virginia Tica
Professional Tennis Player, Travel Enthusiast

Each season, designers set new fashion trends that we end up following by the book. But why not try something different this year and set your own fashion goals? Here are a few goals you can aim for.

Stop Buying The Same Thing Repeatedly
The pair of jeans that you buy thinking that one day you’ll fit into them, the tenth t-shirt from your favorite store, just because it fits, the exact pair of shoes because the other one has grown old, don’t settle into a pattern of laziness. Start exploring and learn to diversify and grow fashion-wise.

Experiment And Have Fun
Stop being afraid to try new things and get rid of the ‘effortless’ style that has been trending for the last few years. Fashion needs effort. But it should be ‘worth the effort’ so as to change your attitude and mood, depending on what you’re wearing.

Remember, your outfit not only influences you, it also influences the people around you. Your clothes speak before you even get to say a word! So make it worth it.

Invest In Your Wardrobe
While we may not admit it all the time, the money you invest in a piece of clothing is exactly what you get - meaning, if you spend less, the lifespan of your clothing will also be short, making it a waste of your money. When it comes to shoes, it’s even more important to spend on good quality shoes that won’t make your feet feel like they’ve been punished at the end of the day.