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Understanding How Pilates Improves Flexibility And Endurance
Jun 2017
Yasmin Karachiwala
Celebrated Pilates Instructor

The effectiveness of Pilates has often been questioned as a form of exercise, as a form of rehab therapy and more for its role in improving strength, endurance and control. However, research conducted has provided evidence that Pilates improves flexibility and muscular endurance even with its low intensity exercises. Thus, Celebrated Pilates Instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala sheds some light on this aspect of Pilates and dispels the falsities associated with Pilates and its effectiveness as a fitness system.

How does Pilates help one achieve control which is crucial for being fit?
Pilates is extremely effective in promoting fitness. As you may already know, the focus of Pilates is on building a strong core. And all activity stems from this core. So, if the core is fit and optimized, you function more efficiently in every aspect of life and not just in terms of fitness. Your posture is better and your movement is better.

Furthermore, Pilates incorporates many other aspects of fitness such as breath, precision, control and technique, which are overlooked by other forms of exercise. And we all know that fitness goes much beyond a size zero, or just looking attractive. It is about your body being optimized to utilize energy and this control is one of the things one learns while doing Pilates.

Which are the Pilates machines employed for improving strength, endurance and control?
There is no formula as such. In fact, all you really need is a mat and your own body to do Pilates. The Pilates equipment adds variety to the workout and is also really helpful for instructors when working with people who have limitations or requiring additional care. At the same time, because of the resistance it provides, it helps to work with athletes, helping the instructors to challenge their fitness levels while making them work extensively from the core.