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All You Need To Know About Breast Reconstructive Surgery
Jul 2017
Dr Anupama Mane
Consultant Breast Surgeon, Pune

Since time immemorial, women have been passionate about maintaining and augmenting their beauty and breasts are an integral part of a woman`s beauty. Giving food and energy to new-borns and providing immunity to their babies through maternal antibodies in breast milk, are not the only functions of the breasts. They also play a role in sexual stimulation and help in maintaining a positive self-image among women.

For a woman, becoming flat chested is the ultimate loss of femininity. It is a psychological and physical shock which is difficult to bear. However, the current scenario has rendered women with few choices, as some require mastectomy (removal of the breast) due to cancer.

But fortunately, the solution to the loss of breasts is breast reconstructive surgery with implants. These implants are prosthesis which can restore the size, shape and contour of the breasts. They are medical devices which have been tested as safe for use in the human body.