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Are You Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity
Jun 2017
Dr Karishma Jaradi
Aesthetic Dentist - Dentzz Dental Care Centres

Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive
Do you wince, while you brush or floss and do you usually avoid bingeing on a large scoop of ice cream or avoid hot beverages, because you worry about the twinge in your teeth? If you can relate to these statements, you may have developed tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity.

The internal portion of your tooth is chiefly composed of a material called dentin, which comprises microscopic tubules (small hallow tubes) that are filled with minute nerve endings. This dentin is protected by a firm external enamel layer, within the crown portion of your tooth.

The dentin that extends down to your tooth’s roots is safeguarded by a layer of cementum. If dentin misplaces its defensive shell of enamel or cementum, these tubules allow heat, cold, acidic or sticky foods to spread to the nerves and cells that are located inside the tooth, resulting in hypersensitivity.

Tooth And Enamel Sensitivity
The constantly changing weather also plays a role in tooth sensitivity. Change in seasons can bring about various dental snags, especially for those who are prone to tooth sensitivity. Seasonal tooth pain although very severe, may either be a temporary process or may be enduring, if appropriate care isn’t taken.