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Overweight PCOS May Be To Blame
Jul 2017
Arushi Verma
Co-Founder, FITPASS

One of the leading causes of female subfertility, PCOS affects approximately one in every three women in India. Thus, it is probably the most common yet undiscussed medical issue of our times. But unfortunately, the lack of awareness and misdiagnosis often leaves it undetected for years.

Why Does It Occur?
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome occurs when the ovaries develop several small cysts. Although ovaries produce both male and female hormones, those suffering from PCOS may develop an imbalance leading to the production of excess male hormones. Testosterone plays a vital role in both women and men and this hormone affects the bones, brain, muscles, fat distribution etc.

As a result of this imbalance, women start experiencing symptoms like acne, excessive hair growth on their face and body, extra fat deposits in the lower abdomen, weight gain and irregular periods. Side effects include fall in self-esteem, depression and increased stress levels