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Tips For Men To Fight Infertility
Jul 2017
Dr Anubha Singh

Infertility was earlier considered to be a women’s problem only, but research has proved that men are equally responsible for being infertile, because today your profession and lifestyle plays a vital role in your fertility. Thus, beware if you are unknowingly making the following mistakes:

Mistakes You May Be Making

  • Sitting on a chair for long periods of time can overheat your testicles
  • Placing your laptop on your lap for a long time raises scrotal temperature. resulting in low sperm count and unhealthy sperm too
  • Wearing very tight pants or underwear damages the testicles and causes low sperm count resulting in infertility in men
  • If you are exposed to pesticides or some industry toxins, the chances of infertility are high
  • You smoke or drink too much alcohol
  • Being stressed directly affects your fertility
  • Know that you could also be susceptible to infertility, if you’ve had any tumours or cancer in the past