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Quirky Ways To Get Healthier
July, 2017
Apollo Life Jiyo

We try our best to be healthy, we practise asanas that are 5,000 years old or use fitness trackers to monitor our health. We even try to quit smoking when we realise it’s bad for us. We are inclined to making ourselves stay fit. But who would have thought that these quick and offbeat ways were right there for us to get healthier and feel great!

Snooze That Alarm!

Five more minutes in bed? We are with you on this one. If you enjoy sleeping, then enjoy it to the fullest. When you wake up to your pesky alarm tone in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’re not going to be a happy morning person. It’s definitely better to finish your cycle and start your day fresh.

There are apps (or naturally, certain segments in your brain) that monitor your sleep cycles and make sure you wake up during the waking phase. By understanding your sleep cycle, you can catch the sleep you crave for.

Organise Your Bed

You get the required boost in blood circulation after sleeping, by making your bed and folding your blankets. This way, you can stay organized and going back to bed later, will be more appealing. Stretching and rubbing your limbs, pulling your toes are other ways to get that circulation going.