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Vastu Tips To Have A Pleasant Rainy Season
July, 2017
Dr Anand Bhardwaj
Scientific Vastu Consultant & Expert on ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ Director, International Institute of Vaidic Culture

After the scorching heat of the summer season, rain seems like a blessing from above. It brings with it, great relief along with pleasant breeze and petrichor - the appealing smell associated with rains after a long spell of dry weather. This lovely season may be defined differently by different people. The monsoons are also considered to be very romantic, by many poets. Rain also holds its own connotations for each and every one.

However, according to vastu science, staying positive during this season is also essential, because there are certainly some challenges the rains bring with them, like leakages in the roof, cracks in the walls, seepage in dark corners, fear of insects and harmful bugs, diseases related to accumulated water etc. According to vedic vastu shastra, these are the factors which either pop-up due to negativity or are caused by negative vibes. Thus, it’s vital to take care of these trivial, but significant factors. Hence, here are some more important factors that need your attention.


  • During the rainy season, keep on creating tidy space around you. Don’t let dust, cobwebs and filth stay inside your home. Storerooms, staircases, the top of wardrobes, shafts and dark corners are always the soft targets of such harmful elements. So, cleaning your house regularly is very important during this period.
  • Sit in the balcony or in the portico and view the rainfall. Look at the green trees’ dancing branches and leaves and experience the cool breeze they provide. By doing this, you will be brought very close to nature and your inner self will definitely appreciate it. Such pleasing scenes elevate one’s mood and enhances the charm of day.
  • Open all the windows and doors of balconies to let fresh air enter the inner part of your home for some time, as this enhances fresh vibes.