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Be A Team Player And Stand Out As Well
Jul 2017
Alina Menon
Director, Edify Consultants Pvt Ltd.

The foremost responsibility as an accountable team leader is to gauge everyone with an equal set of tunings and limitations by making the entire team function as ‘we’ rather than ‘I.’ Also, most leaders speak about team work and being a team leader.

However, it is vital that the leader echoes the message of team spirit, since the most challenging aspect faced by the leaders is to manage synergy, collaboration and the teams, along with their share of weaknesses. And though unreliability and blame game forms the crux of most team dynamics, leaders are comfortable managing teams rather than scrutinizing individuals with discrete demands and preferences.

In a challenging scenario, showcasing the traits of an effective team player is significant, but some may find themselves in a fix as they are unable to outperform, in similar tasks and key performance indicators (KPIs). Hence, along with being collective and co-operative team members, one needs to display certain qualities to emerge as a star. So here are some tips.