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Ergonomic Furniture And Productivity
Jul 2017
Dr Reena Valecha
Ergonomics Expert, Godrej Interio

Employee productivity is influenced by a number of factors and one of these factors is the environment in which the employee works. And a major component of the environment in an office, is the furniture. Thus, it stands to reason that office furniture has a big impact on productivity.

Employees in new age offices face severe health problems due to demanding work schedules. Also, the long and gruelling working hours has led to employees facing a whole new range of problems like back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain etc. with the intensity ranging from acute to repeated attacks. In addition, improper office ergonomics leads to neck and back pain, eye strain and several other problems. It also leads to lower productivity and disrupts employees’ personal lives too.

Anthropometric Measurements And Efficiency
The anthropometry data is useful while designing office furniture, as it brings out various facets of the human body like body size, shape, strength and working capacity for design purposes and body composition. These recorded under anthropometry data helps in creating apt furniture as per the requirements of employees.