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Inside The Mind Of A Doctor
Jul 2017
Dr Sagar Mundada
, President Of MARD And Panellist At Docplexus

Every year, the 1st of July is celebrated in the healthcare sector as ‘Doctor’s Day’ in honour of recognising the immense contribution and sacrifices a doctor makes to communities and individual lives. Thus, to commemorate this day, we share with you, a sneak peek into the mind of a doctor.

A Doctor’s Plight
Providing healthcare is no easy task. It requires one to have total commitment towards the patients, inhumanly long working hours, studying for recent advances throughout life and compromising personal life in favour of giving undivided attention to patients. All of this is the classic recipe, for doctors to develop mental health issues.

To add to these woes, patients and their families have started filing lawsuits at the drop of a hat! The constant stress of the same and the resulting defensive practice, have only made matters worse.

The Struggle
The build-up of stress starts from the first day of medical college. Learning and remembering vast amounts of information and constant examinations is also an uphill task. To make matters worse, the number of post graduate seats in the country is very minimal. The three years of residency, are again very stressful because the resident doctors hardly get four hours of sleep daily.

Constant stress of life and death situations, ill treatment by some seniors and low appreciation of efforts leads to decreasing the zeal for medicine. Hence, by the time a doctor becomes a consultant, he/she tends to lose enthusiasm. And this is a fertile ground for mental imbalance.