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Striving To Make Its Mark SPORTS MEDICINE
Jul 2017
Dr Sumiran Passey
Medical Doctor, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, AktivOrtho.

Sports medicine is an amalgamation of various aspects of being physically and mentally fit. The wide field of sports medicine not only caters to athletes, but also to the young and old weekend warriors. Thus, it’s a fine blend between injury management and performance enhancement.

Range Of Treatment
Sports medicine deals with treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. The treatment comprises of both conservative and surgical management, depending on the extent and severity of the injury. Also, no treatment is complete without a graded and well-supervised rehabilitation; the benefits of exercise are known to everyone and it can help a great deal, but it is often underutilized.

Importance Of Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation should be instructed for all those scheduled to get a surgery done, as it not only prepares the musculoskeletal system to withstand the invasive procedure, but also psychologically prepares the mind and body to undergo the stress of surgery.

A well programmed rehabilitation post-surgery or in those where conservative management is required, plays a vital role for the return to sports. Time is not a friend for those who are professionals, neither for athletes, nor for weekend warriors. Rehabilitation decreases the time until complete recovery.