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Why Get The Perfect Posture
Jul 2017
Prameet Kotak
Wellness And Fitness Consultant, RAPTFX

Postural Analysis
Good posture can enhance your performance at work and play, but a majority of the population suffer with the problem of imperfect posture without being aware of it. Hence, postural analysis can help in this regard, as it is all about correct alignment of the body.

It also permits the understanding of where the body is and what it requires to do, to make it more flexible and agile. After a postural analysis, the exercises recommended are pretty much based upon how to manage or optimise an imperfect posture to suit your needs and wants.

What Is The Perfect Posture?
Perfect posture is the point of equilibrium, a state where the system of your body works most effectively. A balancing state or an equilibrium position is one where everything works at its best. Almost every aspect of your life, from interpersonal relationships to kinship with the environment, business and economy, building structure and anything within your imagination, conforms to the law of equilibrium and so does your body.

It needs to be in a perfect state of equilibrium and for this, it’s important that your blood sugar and hormones all remain at an optimum level. It is also important that your mental state (and neurotransmitter mix) is equally balanced. 

In reality, the human body oscillates around this equilibrium position or the position of homeostatic balance while reacting and adjusting to external stimuli.